Friday, January 21, 2011

Western Thank You Sayings


Holas! After a long time, I decided to get a Livejournal (I think it is written so-@). At first I did not know to use it (and still do not understand at all), but finally decided to publish here little things truly original, because the public fics on as much in love (so I see post for more sites). Another important point is that I believe that if the public online as a self-imposed challenge, will move forward faster in the project that I have in hand-w.

Mmm ... about why I have not posted fics Yaois (or updates of what I have in progress) for like 2 months ... I think I've been short of inspiration (at least for the D.Gray-man fandom) ... besides that I scratched all the music listening Umineko (either of the Sound Novels, the Character Songs and OST), which is wonderful but does not help to encourage me to continue with the fandom fics D. Gray-man x, D.

Well, I think that's it, now I would clean the sleeve and end the continuous Umineko a DRRR fic (which can be found on x, D)

PS: I hope you like the stories that go up and any objective criticism and argument that they want me, the enchanted accept.

Postscript 2: I will try to "amononar" the Livejournal as soon as possible -.- U.

And someone out there would say: See you again ~


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